Potato Stew with Rice

This is a Middle Eastern/Iraqi dish that is hearty and easy to make. Can be vegetarian or meat based easily.

Earl Grey Tea Cookies

These are tea cookies in every sense of the word – made of actual tea. Delicious and delicate for any occasion.

Fried Eggplants and Yogurt

Sounds simple…it is! the taste is delicious and the meal is filling. give this one a quick try, and it’ll be your vegetarian go to.

Humble Tahini cookies

These unassuming cookies will surprise you with amazing flavour and how easy they are to make.

Healthy Cauli-Popcorn

This is so easy, healthy, and popular with kids – you’ed need to stretch your reasons on why you don’t cook this more often. It’s also light, healthy and filling.

The 101 on Instapots

The new must have kitchen appliance is getting quiet the good vibes. Here are some things to think about before heading out to get your own.

Perfect Polenta and Mushroom

Try this hearty and filling vegetarian meal. It’ll keep you full and asking for more later – deliciousness without the guilt.