Gimme my Halloumi – Hot

I can live my entire life on just eating bread and cheese, I just love it! One of those cheeses is Halloumi. It is a very interesting cheese, originally from the Middle East – primarily Lebanon, when eaten raw, halloumi, an unripened cheese, has a bit of rubbery, squeaky texture. But because of its high…

A Good Ol’ Shakshuka

A traditional easy breakfast option care of Middle Easter cuisine. It ranges from country to country but the basics are more or less the same, and as this breakfast further trends in more cosmopolitan restaurants, save the money and make it yourself – it’s basically fired eggs in a red sauce with spices. You’ll be…

Chicken Curry and Rice

This intro to exotic and delicious Indian Cuisine that is light and quick to make. Full of flavour, this dish will make a fan out of you, without the intimidation.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

This go to classics are for kids and kid at hearts. Perfect for any occasion to satisfy those pesky sweet cravings.

Liquid Gold: Bone Broth

Try this easy recipe, the health benefits are so many that there is no excuse not to incorporate this tasty broth into your daily meals.

Artisan Bread for Beginners

Don’t be intimidated by bread making, and despite the trend – this one will be your go to for some time to come because of how easy it is.