For the Love of CDs

Have you abandoned your CDs? Completely washed your hands of them in favour of the mighty MP3? Allow me to make my case.

Stop Being a Robotic Cleaner

At some point you’ll realize one day that you’ve been going through the motions and become a house cleaner 24/7. If you’re OCD like me, you’ll have to deal with it, these tips may help.

Donations vs. Gifts

Reconsider adding more “clutter” to your life and think about having charity donations as a gift options for your special occasions.

Books: Catching Up On Classics

Feeling like you’re missing out, or not getting some classic references – catch up on classic reading and get back to being in the know. Here are some popular options.

Digitizing Old Media

Have too much time on your hand – how about digitizing you old 80’s and 90’s media to keep them alive and well for ages to come. ere are some thoughts.