Fighting Entitlement with a Dose of Perspective

I have written about not guilting kids, and that doing so actually has more negative effects than benefits.  But there is a fine line between guilting and readjusting a child’s perspective.  Especially when it comes to being grateful, empathetic, and understanding.  If you are too careful about avoiding any guilt trips, you may run the…

Top 5 Reads 2022 (Part 1)

Here are some good reads I had the pleasure of reading in the past 6 months, most of them non-fiction. As always I like to take in a range of genres to keep me stimulated and read outside my regular comfort zone. Let me know of you read any of them and what you think…

Furnishing A New House On A Budget

So apparently I have done something wrong in a previous life, because I am now moving houses.  I realize this is a first world problem, but it doesn’t make it any less tedious knowing that I have self inflicted unnecessary stress to my already hectic life.  Having said that, you don’t come out of a…

House Moving Tips

Although I enjoy house hunting, the actual packing and moving is as fun as pulling teeth (if not less). For some reason this task usually falls on me – or most of it does, from disassembling furniture to filtering out most of my things before the move. This is definitely what nightmares are made of,…

For the Love of CDs

Have you abandoned your CDs? Completely washed your hands of them in favour of the mighty MP3? Allow me to make my case.

Stop Being a Robotic Cleaner

At some point you’ll realize one day that you’ve been going through the motions and become a house cleaner 24/7. If you’re OCD like me, you’ll have to deal with it, these tips may help.

Donations vs. Gifts

Reconsider adding more “clutter” to your life and think about having charity donations as a gift options for your special occasions.

Books: Catching Up On Classics

Feeling like you’re missing out, or not getting some classic references – catch up on classic reading and get back to being in the know. Here are some popular options.