Kids Fear of Dogs

I love my kids, and I love all their associated quirks.  One specific quirk though has been a little concerning, emphasis on the little – because in the bigger scheme of things it’s not really a big issue.  It’s their fear of dogs, specifically my son.  Although I don’t really mind it, I don’t want…

A Wintery Montréal With Kids 

We often visit Le belle ville to see my in laws, my uncle, and to feel like a true change of scenery from our home.  Typically, the kids are excited, but because most of our visits are mainly with family and friends – they can be antsy and start to act out within a couple…

Fighting Entitlement with a Dose of Perspective

I have written about not guilting kids, and that doing so actually has more negative effects than benefits.  But there is a fine line between guilting and readjusting a child’s perspective.  Especially when it comes to being grateful, empathetic, and understanding.  If you are too careful about avoiding any guilt trips, you may run the…

Nurturing Photography in Kids

It is often said ‘start ‘em young’ but you don’t want to go too hard-core early getting them into a hobby and have them backlash against something that can bring a lifetime of joy.  That’s certainly how I feel about introducing them into photography, I would rather indirectly have them casually experiment and organically ease…

Stop Being a Robotic Cleaner

At some point you’ll realize one day that you’ve been going through the motions and become a house cleaner 24/7. If you’re OCD like me, you’ll have to deal with it, these tips may help.

Cursing and Kids

Curse words are all around us, especially in the media. As it gets harder to avoid them around your kids, how should you deal with the everyday onslaught.

Therapeutic Books For Kids

Taking complex therapy concepts and simplifying them enough for kids to be effective – and for adults too!

Practising Delayed Gratification

This concept has been rolling around for a while – but once you think about the benefits it provides you and your kids you’ll want to start early.