E-mail your future

Having small kids it is hard to elaborate and express many things to them until they reach a certain age.   Living in the internet age, what better way than to create email accounts for them and send them occasional emails. They can have a range of topics sent at random time. Other than the fact that you’re securing them an email address early on that they can use later on in life, it’s also great alternative to written or video journals (which you can still sue and send via email through a YouTube link or an attached file).

I can’t take credit for this idea but I forgot the source and so if you know the source feel free to enlighten me. It may sound cheesy to many but I do wish I had something like that growing up when my dad passed away early in my life.

I have started one for my 7 year old son and his baby sister each with different topics, and emotional and thought topics that suite them. I have sent special odd pictures here and there, or expressed how badly I felt for making a white lie to protect them. I have also used it to document our conversations ranging from bullying and death to first time love so that they can reflect back on how they came to be the people they will be eventually, maybe even learn a few things along the way.

I have used outlook.com but you can use Gmail or any other provider really. Give it a try and it’s also great therapy to the parent writing the emails, expressing anything fro manger, sadness, proud moments and happiness to your kids giving them a real look into you and using it as a tool to pass on ideas and wisdom (while you still have it) which can help them later on.

You can even add audio files, videos, pix, scans of artwork anything really. Pass on the email and password on their 18th birthday or as they head to University. You might ask them to email you back after they go through all the messages with their thoughts as the first email back in all these years you were writing to the unknown.


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