“Out there” housewarming gifts

So you got invited to another housewarming party, whether it’s someone you know well but has “almost” everything – in which case stay good friends with those kind of people, or someone that is more of an acquaintance than a close fired, inevitably you will run out of the usual kitchen ware, paintings, plants, or coffee book ideas. Forget the impersonal gift cards; here are slightly less common gift ideas that are also useful for those situations that might help:

1. Watch box

This works for both men and woman, relatively cheap ranging from 40-70 dollars and can include protected compartments for wristwatches, sunglasses and other Knick-knacks. Great for men and women and very useful, some come with locks as well, and usually have a transparent cover top to display all the fine watches while its closed.

2. Unique picture frame

This is less common than you think, less people are printing pictures and so this is in fact has become the rare gift. Nothing like getting a frame to motivate people in printing those special pictures, we all know that as great as digital photos are, it is a rare moment we flip through the older ones and tend to forget about them altogether.

3. Hand Towels

These are definitely overlooked but oh so useful. Especially if you get the luxury plush kind, they will be greatly appreciated. A set of two as a minimum or two hand towels with a larger towel is also great. Cheaper than bed sheets but just as useful. People tend to cheap out on towels for themselves so to get the soft kind from visitors will be well received.

4. Bluetooth speaker

Another overlooked idea, and comes in very handy are Bluetooth speakers for the house. Nothing too fancy, and certainly cheaper than other gadgets, these are great in linking up to phones for music (or laptops) and will be used more than you think. The person you will be giving them to will not know how they survived without them.

5. Grill Tools Set

May be less used for those in apartments, but those with backyard will love them. They are very affordable and get the sets that come in with a protected case. They can range from 20-70 dollars depending on the number of pieces and tools in there. Make sure that at least a spatula, tongs and skewers are included. Corn handles and brushes are not that useful but usually included. Thermometers and flavour infusers are great if they are included and take it to the next level. Might want to add a couple of steak spices to them if you think its way lower than your budget.

6. Cheese Platter

This, and the idea below are technically both kitchen ware, but not the usual kitchen items. They are always well received and can be used for canopies and appetizers not just cheese. Always useful and if you want can be engraved for personalization.   Cheese platters are always well received and rarely thought of. Get a platter with at least two cutting utensils, and some have tags with chalk to add a nice touch.

7. Salt Slab Cutting Board

This is a cutting board that, instead of a wood or plastic base, has a slab of salt. So for the grillers is a unique and great gift, especially for those who enjoy their BBQ steaks. When they leave their steaks to cool off on the cutting board, the salt infuses and flavours the steak. Affordable and ranges to around 50 bucks for a good, heavy-duty one.

8. A Coin

This is a bit out there but it is a great heirloom gift. You can get a variety of Coins from the Canadian Mint (online) that commemorate the year, anniversary or any other occasion. Not too personal but very thoughtful and had great future investment value. One of those things people don’t think about but once they get it will love to pass them on to their kids and display them with pride. Make sure you pick an appropriate design from the range of designs and one that suites your budget. You’ll be tempted to go overboard.

If you have other unique ideas, please feel free to share them in the comments section.


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