Last Will Info….for later

Based on a couple of emails I received on a previous blog related to the importance of having a will for all circumstances; a few have asked me how can they send will and other sensitive information to loved ones….but after you are no longer around or living. Obviously, you do not want to give account information, passwords, email access, social media access early on. Nor can this information be included in a will because someone can see it and use it, nor could it be hidden and maybe misplaced or forgotten. Is there a way to make sure all that information goes out – but after you pass away to make it easier for those who stay behind?

I have had that issue as well, the short answer is yes and based on my brief research I found three methods you can do that. Obviously, pros and cons to each but at least the option is there.

Tenzing (run by Everest funeral Concierge)

Named after Tenzing Norgay, one of the first two men to reach the summit of Mount Everest, this service allows you to upload files, documents, photos, etc. into the cloud. The information stays secured and open to change by the creator, with an email going out to the ultimate designee that you designate (it is in the name!). Upon death, the designee calls the toll free number and Tenzing validates death manually and then releases the information. Prices will depend on your physical location and needs, as this is offered as part of a wider package of services; which may not be a bad thing if you need the other services but if you only need the info storage service that can be an issue.


  • Stored information will be retained for 10 years after your last update, and then it will be archived in a secure location
  • Available through mobile App
  • Supported by the larger Everest group of services


  • Must enrol with Everest Funeral Concierge either through a third party life insurance or directly with Everest as part of a package
  • Information release has to be done by phone
  • Validation can range from a few days to a week or so
  • Package is geographically limited to North America

Time Secured App

The first app dedicated to this type of service, a new option but a welcome one in this limited industry. Simply, you log in, set your various vaults, upload the information, and designated “beneficiaries” who will get an email with steps to set validation questions/answers and some info. Upon death the beneficiary will submit a request for info release and validate through the question/answers set earlier, an alert will be sent to you to confirm this is ok with you depending on the number of days you set, a wait period will be allowed for you to cancel their request (if you are still alive!). Otherwise the files will be sent if no response is received from you within the wait period.


  • Free trail period
  • Available through mobile App and website access
  • Easy interface, done through email validation (no calls)
  • Can cancel at any time, 2 week grace period for files before everything is erased (security plus)
  • Can upload pictures, voice messages and videos as well
  • Allows for up to 100MB file size and various types of files.
  • No geographical limitations – global
  • Free editable forms and templates


  • Fairly new to the game (but so far so good)
  • Untested, but holds a lot of promise
  • More free editable templates would be helpful

Canadian Legal Wills

A lot of web based services that can be purchased separately, including Last Wills, Living Wills, and Expatriate Wills. Some cool services also provided such as Life Locker, and Final Messages are useful as well. The Life Locker allows you to upload info for future release, similar to the Time Secured app above, upon your designation of a “Keyholder” they will get a unique and random access code that they use to release the information. Upon death and the Keyholder’s request for the information, you will be notified and can cancel the access within that time. The price info can be found on their website but you pay lump sum amounts for different periods however, the available storage space has not been defined. Price point is a bit confusing as it noted a $29.95 Canadian; but not sure if that is a one price or a yearly rate.


  • Free trial period
  • Easy interface, done through email validation (no calls)
  • No geographical limitations – global
  • Supported by the larger Canadian Legal Wills group of services


  • Not available through an App – only web based
  • Limited to 20 Keyholders
  • Depending on the set timing by the uploader, can take up to a week to validate after the submission is made

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