Are Studio/Professional Photos Necessary?

OK, so I’ve written my fair share of blogs advocating for the casual and less rigid photography format.  I believe in one case I actually wrote we are more than “shiny happy people holding hands” to quote a great R.E.M. song.  However in recent times and as life milestones begin to pile up – the older I get and those around me get – there is something to be said about professional  photography (whether in a studio or outdoors) .  Some can get pricey and be off putting, but once you see the results you will be happy you took that extra step for hiring a professional photographer – it’s not just for weddings and there is more to life you want to capture professionally.

  • Weddings are by far the biggest milestone people hire professional photography for, but increasingly his is being a common practice for other key milestones. Especially key milestone birthday or family reunions, it’s quickly becoming the expectations to have a professional photographer much like you would have at weddings.
  • I think every 5 years or less to have family portraits done whether in a studio or outdoors in a park for a less formal feel is essential. Having that consistent tracking of how your family grows will be a great legacy you leave behind to your little ones or close of kin, especially if you incorporate some of the grandparents and even cousins.
  • Religious gatherings such as Christmas, Bar Mitzvah, or Eid are increasingly incorporating professional photographers to keep the traditions alive and well documented for future generations, and in some cases are used by the religious institution for PR reasons.

It is easy to knock off professional photography as an overpriced luxury, but with the popularity of amateur photography in our daily lives, having professional photography once in a while has added weight and respectability.  In most cases it is risk free and after the free session you are not obligated to buy any photos, even though you are compelled to buy something after the time you invested.  However you will see the results and your bigger problem will be choosing which great photo you’ll want to pay for if not for the whole set.  As pricey as it can get, this is a legacy product and you will soon realize its value only goes up as time passes by.  The memories themselves will be beyond any price.


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