Frame Those Pix!

Obviously with the overwhelming number of digital photos everyone takes on a daily basis, it can become overwhelming to go through them all and actually enjoy the memories.  I have advocated before about printing them, at least a select few and having them around your house to enjoy and bring back moments of happiness (hopefully).  I do however want to make the case for framing them specifically.

Albums and small frames are great, but I think certain photos deserve a nice frame around them and are meant to be hung up on the wall rather than in obscure corners around the house or on a shelf inside an album.  When you actually one realize the importance of framing and hanging photos on your walls, the traditional option is to go for the formal professionally shot ones like a wedding or a family studio photoshoot.  Which are absolutely great.  But I do suggest that at least some of the informal spaces in your house, whether it’s a hallway, the kids room, or a play room to go for more candid shots.

It’s very trendy now to have photo-walls where you print out same sized photos of different things that are important or special for you and your family and place them on the wall as a matrix.  Or sometimes for a slightly more artistic twist to m=put them up in some type of ordered chaos diagonally or asymmetrically.   For an added level of artistry, you can have them printed back and white to suite and décor, or highlight some key colours in the photos (like red) to compliment your wall colour and avoid any clashing.  These will be conversation starters and guaranteed that on a regular basis someone will pause and look through them – after all isn’t why you took photos in the first place, not just to capture a moment but to be able to remember and relive it at some point?!

For photos of places you visited or inanimate objects, have those framed and placed in bathrooms (avoid people pictures in bathrooms, slightly disturbing I find).  These will be original works, remind you of that special trip or that moment where the sunlight hit that vase just right!  It’s also a far ore personalized and better option that to get some random pre-made images from the department store that has no meaning to you but to simply fill up wall space.

The point is to surround yourself with your memories and framing wall pictures are one option, making coasters or a coffee book (as long as it’s laying around the coffee table and not hiding in some shelf) – have your photos accessible, meaningful and this will surely help make your house into a home and sanctuary to remember some good times.  Especially on those dark dreary winter days!

One tip though before I end this one off, don’t let the frame overpower the pictures, novelty frames are funny, I get it.  But you want your picture to shine and grab the attention it deserves, simple solid colour thin frames are ideal and they help match any style of photos without the added tackiness.


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