Baby Proofing – Holiday Edition

I’m actually shocked how many potential baby safety issues can arise during the holidays, especially as we put up more decorations and trimmings that are not necessarily baby or toddler proof.  It all depends on the type of decorations you ultimately use but in general here are standard things to keep an eye out for when you are decorating your home around your new addition:

  • Hang any lights or ornaments up high. Walk at your babies’ eye level (hands and knees) to identify any potential hazards, only then can you see it form their perspective.
  • Check that all chords and plugs are safe and out of your child’s reach, make sure you use safety plugs to close up any open outlets.
  • Keep the floor clear of needles, they can be sharp and prickly – and may be a choking hazard – easily.
  • While poinsettias are only mildly toxic to pets, mistletoe, holly and amaryllis are toxic to your child and should be kept out of reach.
  • If you have a table runner, make sure it’s out of reach for a child learning to walk, if they tug or pull, it can prove to be very dangerous.
  • Baskets that are open and accessible, full of nuts and candy can be choking hazards.
  • Whether at Grandma’s or at a hotel, take time to baby proof the space. You baby will be eager to explore its new surroundings, so it is essential that you use baby proof plugs, hide chords and secure furniture that can easily topple over.

Make sure you baby proof you house in general for the day to day explorations of your child.  You can find some great products online that can help you make it safer and more welcoming for other babies that might visit you as well.


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