The 101 on Instapots

Not sure if you have been captured by the latest kitchen craze, but the Instapots are finding their ways all over the world.  A machine that promises to replace your air fryer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and all around oven has had a lot of promises to live up to.  So my wife and I thought we should go for any appliance that promises to get rid of our three or four other appliances. 

I’m all for decluttering and if that machine does what it says it does, we can be looking at increasing our counter space 3 times over.  We got our through a Black Monday deal and have been trying it out for over a month now.  A great purchase all around, but with some caveats worth making note of.  So if you’re thinking of getting one please consider these points:

  • The machine definitely cuts down cooking into a fraction of the time – and the meat is almost always tender, fall of the bone.  That alone makes it well worth the price.
  • There are different sizes, we went for the higher one on the range at 8 quartz, and it is quiet compact for the amount of food it takes in.
  • The dials and programs will take a few days to get used to – but if you use it as much as we have the learning curve is relatively short.
  • It did replace our slow cooker and rice cooker, however since we typically make rice and curries the same time for the same meal – we opted to keep our rice cooker.
  • I am a big baker, and I am still a little intimidated in using the machine for baked goods – I have tried breads and they do come out great.  As for the other bake goods, I’m just more comfortable in doing those in our oven directly.
  • I highly recommend the air fryer – a great add on to the device and definitely and get rid of one more appliance you thought of getting.  We typically opt for baking instead of frying anyway so we didn’t get one, but I knew people who have and they swear by it.

So all around a great purchase, especially at the purchase price we get – almost half of the regular price.  Keep in mind that when you use it for one thing (i.e. pressure cooker) you won’t be able to use it for other things at the same time (Rice cooker or slow cooker) so you may end up keeping more appliance than you thought you would.  But it’s cooking time and how it works with meats alone is a reason to get it.  If you have one let me know what you think?


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