Top 5 Reads 2022 (Part 1)

Here are some good reads I had the pleasure of reading in the past 6 months, most of them non-fiction. As always I like to take in a range of genres to keep me stimulated and read outside my regular comfort zone. Let me know of you read any of them and what you think – would love to see some reviews.

Anthony Bourdain’s World Travel: An Irreverent Guide – A New York Bestseller. It’s got travel notes, cooking and food storeys, and from the late great Anthony Bourdain with Laurie Woolever filling in the gap after Anthony’s passing. A light quick read that goes through different countries pretty quickly (a little miffed my beloved Toronto was not shown in a good light but can’t argue with Anthony). I didn’t get the satisfaction I thought I would because it doesn’t really go to any depth beyond a quick agenda like format, not real details on the cities visited or the food experiences. But it was still a fun read which is why I included it here and I would still recommend it as a nice light book.

Think Like a Monk: Train Your Mind for Peace and Purpose Every Day – Another light read, but a satisfying quick and easy to read life coaching book. Not to toot my own horn, but a lot of the gems in the book are things I already apply to my daily life, so I didn’t find it life changing. But it was a great confirmation of my approach to life and it was still a nice positive read that had a calming affect to my late night read sessions.

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down: How to be Calm in a Busy World – Written by a Zen meditation teacher this book is another life coaching book that encourages slowing down and looking at things from a new calmer perspective. A good read, especially the first half – I thought it had some great new ideas which can easily apply to daily life. I did find a few points related to “loving your ordinaries” and “a few liberating ideas” helped not only calm the mind (whenever I was able to remember and apply them) but also helped with mindfulness and being grateful of life in general given our short uncertain stint in this world. Definitely a recommended read.

How to Analyze People: Psychology System For Speed Reading Body Language & Personality Types – A very interesting read, although I thought of myself a little bit of an idiot savant when it comes to reading people and body language, this book had a lot interesting ideas and tips. I find that body communication is more telling, and this book is right up my alley. Very informative, and the rational it provides helps make sense of how people act whether consciously or subconsciously. This is one of those books that is both practical and a fun read all in one.

Where the Forest Meets the Stars – I’m not a huge reader of fiction novels, but this one by by Glendy Vanderah was a highlight. Basically a story about a mysterious girl who is otherworldly that touches the lives of Jo and her neighbour Gabriel as they try learn more about the mysterious child. An exciting read that always makes you want more, this is a fiction book I was able to not only get into, but actually stayed on my mind – quiet memorable.


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