Taking on A Second Job

You may have read my thoughts on side gigs or hustles.  Seems like its becoming the norm these days to have a full time job and a side hustle to supplement the crazy inflation world we live in – which is certainly the trend of the day; although inflation is always an issue.  I’ve tried side hustles and sometimes that can be as time consuming as the regular job, which may not be a problem if it’s something you are passionate about.  For example if its a personal side business or a hobby that you monetize, such as graphic design or writing, the extra  work vs income is fine with you.  However, I’m finding that this is no longer enough, and certainly with my side business I actually need even more income to supplement that and make it successful.  So I’m back to, not just square one, but even more wanting than where I was initially for extra income.

Not sure why this was not an option I considered before, certainly it was more doable because of the new work from home arrangements – thanks COVID, but why not another full time job.  With the number of remote opportunities out there, no reason why you can’t do two.  Assuming you have the time, flexibility and the drive to give attention to both of your jobs equally – otherwise you’ll soon find yourself with neither.

You may also want to consider a Part time job that operated mainly in the evenings and weekends.  Once you get a handle and come out of the other end of the learning curve – you’ll still be able to manage a social life (albeit shorter one).  For me personally I find my primary job being mainly on call and there are periods of quiet that I can more than utilize for extra income. 

In fact, if you are not restricted, a part time job in retail or the food industry might just be the perfect option.  I did this decades before COVID – had a full time job in an office and came back to a cashier job in a sports store.  Not only was the additional income great (I was newly graduated and had to figure out a way to pay off my Student Loans quick), but meeting new people and dealing with less complicated challenges at work were actually a nice refreshing change.  So long as I know which my primary job was, and make sure that my second job doesn’t affect or comprise it.

Make sure you know your circumstances.  For example, I am fussy when it comes to choosing a second job (and as of writing this, it’s been 4 months looking for the right one but to no avail).  I am looking for a part time day or full time evening/weekend remote work that does not require phone calls – preferably independent work such as Data Entry.  I want to be able to see my kids and still focus on my other primary job.  It’s not easy and you may find that finding a second job might take more time than the primary work, only because you are likely way more picky.  In addition, watch out for the many employment frauds out there.  In the end though keep at it and you will get the supplementary income that will surely hep out our monthly budget.


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