Tweet old Instagram posts

For those who wish to post (ore re-post Instagram images) into twitter as an embedded/native picture instead of the link, the good news is there is a somewhat quick way to do it, the bad news is it’s not automatic and you’ll have to do it manually for each picture.  There are plenty of ways posted on line on how to do it for new posts (this one is the one I use), but couldn’t find anything talking about some retroactive older pictures.  I’m late in this game (and I’m sue this will be outdated shortly) but in the meantime for those playing catch-up here’s a “quick-ish” way to do it.

  • Open up both accounts on your phone and make sure you can intermittently see them (i.e. they are next to each other on the tabs)
  • Screenshot you Instagram and crop it right after (to save a step) and then share it to twitter right away (don’t post it yet)
  • Edit you Instagram post(click on the top right to edit), cope the hashtags and comments, then close the post without saving (click the X on the top left)
  • Paste it in the twitter screen and post

Unfortunately you’ll have to do this manually for each one, but instead of a 6 step process it’s only about three for each.  Don’t forget to take breaks in between so that you don’t miss out on one or inadvertently post the wrong one!  Good luck, and until IFTTT creates a new applet to solve this, unfortunately this is the best way I have figured out to do it.  Open to suggestions though.


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