Urination situation

My son has recently began, or rather regularly continued, a cycle of night bed wetting. My wife can’t relate but when I was his age (6-8) the second round of bed wetting (first round being when I was a baby) was embarrassing, frustrating, and confusing to me. So I completely understand where he’s coming from, apparently it’s linked to a range of emotions such as self esteem, stress, and nervousness. Whatever the cause is, it’s here – and I had to be the one (in lieu of my wife not being able to relate) to take care of this.

  • So firstly I told him it was completely normal and that I went through it, automatically his body language changed (this is after me not understanding why his room smells like pee 90% of the time)
  • I told him to let me know when it happens, no one else needs to know (i.e. mom, not officially anyway)
  • I did his laundry so that he felt comfortable and got him a bed wetting mattress topper to save him (and mostly me) many headaches
  • He can drink water any time until 1 hour before his bedtime, if it is an absolute must he needs to drink half a glass worth max
  • He has to pee, or try to, just before he sleeps

None of these guaranteed he would stop or that he’ll be dry the next morning but they did reduce the incidents. I just had to remind him, my wife, and myself that this is temporary and it’s a phase. How we deal with it now takes some effort (no denying that) but psychologically make s world of difference to him.

He’s also more open to talk to me about other things, which I think was an indirect result of me being open to him about this sensitive and private issue – so that’s a plus right there.

Any other tips you guys suggest if you have been through this?


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