How to register your baby in Ontario

Congratulations – so you had a new baby. A million things might be going through your mind already (including the lack of sleep), but to add to the pressure you’ll need to make sure your baby’s paper work is in order to get hem as part of the “system”. Here’s a quick guide of what you’ll need to do, at least in the beginning (if your in Ontario, Canada) to get your kids paperwork processing. I could have used this when I was going through this; so though I would share the experience to make it easier for those going through it now.

1. After you take your kid from the hospital and they are happy and healthy in their permanent home, you’ll need to register with the Province of Ontario (

  • You’ll pay $25-$60 to get a bundle of 5 things, depending on what exactly you want to buy, in one application (all useful)
    • A registered baby
    • A birth certificate
    • A Social Insurance Number
    • Sign you up to the government’s Canada Child Benefits (including Ontario child benefits) financial aids automatically
    • A call from some to talk about RESP (which is important to do, see my blog that talks briefly about it – but I did separately with another provider)
  • This will be the longest process with at least 3 months (I had to wait 5 months because of a typo so if you’re in a rush read your application over three time to avoid an additional couple of months of wait)
  • As part of the application you’ll need the delivery doctor and baby weight and height information at birth so have those ready, plus your spouse’s info.

2. Don’t need to wait for the birth certificate (above), but apply straight after the hospital for a Provincial health card for the baby. It’s free but you’ll need to do it in special Service Ontario Centres (not all of them will do it for newborns).The Hospital should give you a paper with a temporary health card to take to the centre when you apply. You’ll get your actual card mailed later to you, takes about 3-4 weeks.

3. Only after the birth registration and certificate in the first step above is sent to you, you can apply for a Citizenship Certificate. If your kid is born in Ontario, the birth certificate is proof enough but I wanted the actual citizenship paper for my records. So I applied using the “Proof of Citizenship for Minors” form (not the regular Application for Minors form). The full package with the instruction guide is here (

4. You’ll fill out the form and need the birth certificate number in step 1

  • Two photos of the child
  • Colour copy of the birth certificate
  • Two IDs (one with photo), if you don’t have them you need to write and sign a letter saying why you don’t have – I just said the baby is too young and I only sent a copy of the health card
  • You’ll need to pay $75 and show proof of payment (can be done online)

Overall may take up to a month or so to get your certificate once they receive the complete application.

5. A the same time as the Citizenship application you can do the passport one (and after you get your birth certificate in step 1). Fill the application ( and make sure you attach the original birth certificate (they will send it back to you, they promise). You’ll also need

  • 2 photos with a guarantor signing one of them
  • A guarantor to fill out a section of the application (can be a relative or anyone really, less limited than before)
  • Payment info (i.e. credit card number) – they will determine the payment based on the passport validity, for babies it’s cheaper because you’ll need to renew in a couple of years with a new photo

Will also take up to a month or so to get the passport and original certificate once they receive the completed application.


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