Heirloom Gifts for Kids

So as a father of a new baby (not my first) I always like to find creative ways to document the first few years enough that they can have things to look back on once they get older.

With my 7 year old (at the time of writing this) the first few years on his birthday, (since I already get him toys at random times and he has enough family to spoil him with a glut of things) I made him physical photo albums for each birthday in the first few years.

I’m planning to do the same with my new born daughter, especially since no birthday gift is meaningful to them at this point, maybe symbolic gifts (or heirlooms of their childhood are more appropriate). Got me thinking what other ideas for birthday gifts to kids who don’t understand yet the concept of birthdays that might be meaningful to them later on in life. So here are a few suggestions:

  • A physical photo album for that year of the child with various family members documenting that year and places they have been for that year
  • Top 10 hits CD at birth date, or the top song (i.e. as per Billboard top 100) for each month of that year
  • A completed family questionnaire to have snapshot of your family on the birth date (i.e. favourite food, colour, memory, book, movie, best moment of the year, travel bucket list, etc.)
  • A government issued coin 9 i.e. online through Canadian mint) and/or stamp commemorating the birth year, or the monthly birthstone or zodiac sign
  • A calendar with photos for each month documenting the child growing up, for months before they were born document the mother’s pregnancy for example. The calendar can also start at the birth month (i.e. from June to June instead of January to January)

What do you think will you be using any of these ideas? Do you have any other creative ways for early year gifts?


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