Thinking of creating an App?

So you have an idea for an app, you experienced that “A-ha” moment of “why isn’t there an app that does that?” Great, that’s typically the hardest but cheapest part of the whole process. A great app is one that takes an everyday problem and trues to solve it. So then what? Here’s a quick guide and some tips on where to take it from here:

  1. Search online for an app developer (check reviews, go to Google or Apple stores to check what Apps they have done and how successful those apps are for download, and check costs). If you’re a coder yourself in which case you will be taking over the bulk of app creation, but still worth getting an app developer to help with the marketing and brainstorming sessions;
  2. You can spend anywhere from $20 to $150 thousand depending on the complexity of the app for a “normal” not to complicated app software (you’ll pay in installments as you proceed);
  3. You’ll go through the brainstorming session to refine your idea and think of the various potential possibilities, from that a wire frame will be created to show the various processes in your app and routes the user will go through (this will be a rough sketch);
  4. You’ll create a “badge” or icon that will show up when he user downloads the app, you’ll also need to register as an app developer with apple, Google or both depending on how you want your app to be listed (you’ll pay one time fees of about $70 for both);
  5. You’ll then take your wireframe and get to coding to create the full app (lots of back and forth, testing and refinement here);
  6. Now you think about monetizing the app (i.e. free trial, monthly payment, one time payment, ad space, etc.) and creating your own limited liability company (LLC) so that when you start making some money it doesn’t affect your personal assets and taxes. You can do this online which takes care of registering, shares, getting your company seal, company by-law, even some packages include doing your first company tax return;
  7. After the coding gets done you’ll want a beta phase where you test it with random users or your family and friends (and of course yourself) to make sure it’s as good as it can be for launch (still won’t be 100% – that comes as users begin to comment back with feedback);
  8. Then you launch! Get your website in gear for the app, a video or screenshots to add for extra visuals for potential users when they search your app.
  9. This is also when you work on advertising through social media and blogs to get the app’s name out for downloads.
  10. Then it’ll be a consistent cycle of refinement, updates and more advertisement to maintain the success and grow your app potential, maybe even start thinking of another app!

Have you developed an app recently? What other things that are worth noting that I may have missed or some big challenges you went through with the development process?


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