When You Can’t Reduce Your Monthly Bills

So you’re trying to get your budget on track.  You went through your monthly expenses and you really can’t cut back any more, bills are overwhelming and nothing is being saved.  Well if the expenses can’t be cut, then the income needs to be ramped up.  It’s never an easy thing to make extra money (otherwise we would have all done it) but depending how urgent it is you might want to consider these potential additional income options:

  1. Becoming an Uber driver
  2. Working part time to deliver packages for the Post or Amazon
  3. If you have writing skills becoming a freelance writer (writerswork.com could be a way to start) – personally I didn’t get much success there so be sure it’s what you want before you pay for a membership
  4. Drop shipping, although I am the first to tell you this is no easy task and to get your first sale is half the challenge of it all, certainly you won’t be the instant millionaire you think you will be
  5. Sell some stuff on ebay or Craigslist/Kajiji
  6. Offer services (LEGAL ONES!) on Craigslist/Kajiji – if you have technical skills might also consider freelancing hose skills via Fiverr
  7. Getting a part time job (even if it’s for 2-3 hours a week, will do wonders in balancing your budget)
  8. Be a babysitter – highly recommend you get at least three references and ideally CPR training (which is useful in any case)

Having said that if you are desperate you can always look at reducing your expenses even further (even when you think it’s impossible):

  1. Travel less, or car pool to save on gas and maintenance
  2. Go through your monthly bills and see how you can get better deals (i.e. phone or tv packages)
  3. Lower your heater or A/C before you leave and put it back up as soon as you come back (assuming you don’t have any pets hanging around in the house
  4. Buy food in bulk or in the lower cost super markets – make sure you don’t get brands and get the supermarket brands instead when possible – also clip out those coupons

Every little bit helps, and hopefully this will tie you over until something more significant happens to balance your budget….these tips won’t make you rich but they will lessen the money loss you see monthly.  If possible get help whether from a non-profit or accounting interns to help guide your finances and think of other ways such as tax claims to get some extra bucks.



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