Online Shopping For Baby Products

Let’s face it – online shopping is taking over, and for good reason too.  This is especially true for parents whose lives are usually so obstructed with the needs of their kids, making online shopping much more convenient and practical than having a regular shopping spree.   This is especially true with baby products where online shopping doesn’t just make it convenient for you to get the stuff but to get the right stuff as well. With immediate reviews from other users, which is really the only source of checking most people have time to use, online shopping has been key for most parents in getting the right products for their children.  So here are a few I found helpful when doing my online shopping for my newborn.

Keep in mind in addition to these most department stores that you’re used to have online portals including Walmart, Costco, Best buy etc.  They also provide a wide range of baby/child products that you would find affordable, the ones below though are for the harder to find items that you’re looking for:

  • – it is a supplier of HiPP & Holle’s Baby Formulas that are organic based. They ship to North America and have great customer service.  Both products are European made (Swiss and German) and are not usually sold in North American retail shops.
  • – an online shop that carries a range of organic baby food products, gentle organic bath products, safety items to baby proof, and postpartum items to help sooth and heal new mothers. The products are great niche items and the customer service is highly responsive.  It also has some relevant blog posts on the website that link to interesting articles.
  • – a range of conventional items that are often at clearance and sale prices.  Lots of product options and an easy to navigate website makes this online shopping a great reference point when considering buying baby items.
  • – is a furniture online retailer and has unique products not available in your regular furniture stores. They have a good collection of baby furniture for nurseries that are trendy and unique.  You can be sure that the items are solid and made of great quality.
  • – is another diverse website with a range of products for babies including car seats , strollers and gates. The delivery times are quiet efficient and the items are not always easy to find in other stores.  Worth a look, especially for sale items.
  • – not a surprise really, but the range of products is crazy and you can find everything under the sun (that applies to beyond baby products). Had to include it here because next to  this is where I get most of my baby products from and the reviews are detailed enough for me to make a good decision.

Even though these are my go-to’s, there are a few other great online shopping stores for babies.  A good list that covers most if not all is here.


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