More Musical Hidden Gems

It is interesting to see how pop music has evolved, particularly in the last decade (this BBC article provides really cool insight on how music has changed in the 2010’s).  Unlike many people who look back on the past and say “music today” can’t compare – I disagree, the music from your past came with nostalgic memories that no music today can compete with.  But if you were to compare technical merit, music today is great and I would argue, even better than much of the music in the past.  Despite this, the music of the past is incredible and here some songs from the past that are worth listening to again on pure technical and some emotional merit. Some, if not most, were surprisingly not the most popular during their peak times and did not get the commercial success they deserve!

Celine Dion – The First Time Ever I saw Your Face – This is brilliant rendition of Roberta Flack’s classic, I would say this one stands on it’s own and departs from the original in pure Celine style with that incredible voice.

George Michael – Freek – anyone who works in dial up modems into the music is a genius

The Weeknd – MontrealVery ethereal and melodic with that Weeknd twist, a sign of things to come

Kimbra – Settle Down – Indie feel with an addictive chorus (and video)

All Saints – Rocksteady – Not sure why this song did not push their comeback, but it didn’t.  The song is pure pop and the video is like the cover of Vogue Magazine

Depeche Mode – Halo – From the fist beat to the last tone, this has tons of nostalgia for me and can never be overrated

Coldplay – Spies – An ode to those paranoid in life and the conspiracy theorists, pure Coldplay magic

Madonna – Forbidden Love – It’s hard to find many underrated Madonna songs because if they haven’t been famous they probably don’t deserve to be (a la American Life).  But this one is and I think it’s a beautiful flowy tune.  Another one on the same vain is Like It Or Not.

Whitney Houston – Love Will Save The Day – upbeat, cool, polished, 80’s percussion and Whitney’s other worldly voice.  Can’t go wrong

Phantogram – You Don’t Get Me High Anymore – A pure adrenaline rush, this band is generally underrated, but this song is an edgy melodic tune with a great video.



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