Online Shopping Red List

I’m no stranger to e-commerce and online shopping.  I do my fare share from electronics to baby products.   But are there items that are absolutely no goes for online shopping?  Do you have a red line or rather a red list of what items you simply would not buy online?  Not because of availability or price but because of any range of other reasons?

Here is my online shopping red list:

  • Helmets – these are better tested on an actual head for a fit, otherwise they are useless.
  • Sweaters and shirts (men) – this includes belts, they never fit the right way and certainly never look as they would online, I’m one of those people who has to try them on (underwear is not a problem for me to buy online)
  • Medicine – I always like to consult a pharmacist even if I bought before, unless it’s a reoccurring prescription
  • Ladies Jewellery – I like to have the bag and boxes because it is important to my wife, as for me I have no problem if someone got me something online without the brand bag or box
  • Furniture – I have had one exception with a bench, but for things like beds and sofas I really need to try them out and see how they would look, colour variations is a big deal when I’m trying to match up furniture pieces that I bought from different places, plus the return policy of online shopping for furniture is usually more costly than regular showrooms

Would love to hear other thoughts on this, and maybe there are items I should avoid.  For example are there any baby items I simply wouldn’t buy online?  Or that I want to but can’t find them?


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