Light Travelling 101

There is a growing “Light Travel” movement which I though was interesting.  The concept started with campers and hikers whose limited bag capacity and large needs for equipment in remote areas focused on travelling light where you can by reducing the amount of clothes you take and choosing products made of lighter materials.  This was further pushed into the mainstream with baggage limitations for both check-in and on board in most airlines.  Looking more in-depth into this trend I picked up some key points which spoke to me and I thought were worth sharing.

  • For shoe covers avoid bulky bags and use shower caps that fit and conform to the shoe shape saving space – however for those ultra-light travellers one shoe –the one your wearing – should be all purpose and suffice for the entire trip.
  • Use a thin drawstring wash bag to avoid spills, particularly if your packing liquids of some sorts.
  • Substituting new lightweight and technical winter clothing that is versatile in most weather environments from rain to wind and sun or light snow for bulkier jumpers and jackets that are wither to hot or too cold forcing you to take more than one article of clothing.
  • Dealing with travel laundry it’s best to use the local laundry service, but if there exuberant prices involved you can bring your own clothes line which takes up practically no space and use detergent ‘leaves’ that can be bought online.
  • Don’t take any towels they are cheap to buy and are usually supplied for free at any hotel or motel.
  • Rather than buying your toiletries, including tooth brush and toothpaste, why not buy them there – in most cases it is cheaper and avoids you working about spills – and of course save room for more important items in your bag.  Plus liquids are usually hard to bring as a carry on if that’s all you intend to bring.
  • Make sure you take all your essentials, and more importantly be objective in figuring out which things are “just in case items” that you probably shouldn’t bring and will unlikely use on your trip
  • If you must bring fragrances you can bring travel size containers, or you can probably get free samples from the department store to use on your trip
  • Instead of plastic or aluminium bottles, you can now get collapsible travel bottles that reduce in size as you drink the water and are easy to fold for storage taking up very little space.  This also applies to travel pillows.
  • Empty your purse or wallet and keep behind all your loyalty cards and non-essential keys and knick-knacks.
  • Avoid paper and try to download (on your phone) e-books and all other itinerary and travel information documents.

    Do you guys have any travel tips for light packing?


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