“Non-video Game” Gift Ideas

It is already quiet the challenge to get kids any sort of meaningful gift with a reasonable price – it is even more difficult if those kids are not yours or if you don’t know them well.  It is easy to rely on getting video games, particularly for boys as the easy way out or to opt for a gift card.  But here are some ideas worth considering that may inspire your next generous gift giving binge.

  • Sports related accessories if they are into a particular sport. So opt for cool shin guard for soccer, vouchers for skate sharpening, surfboard wax, or even reflectors for bikes.  Something that shows you have given it thought and that it is useful.  Sport related socks (i.e. skating socks) would also be appreciate – unlike regular dress socks.
  • DNA testing kits – these tend to be pricey but if the child is close to you it is a very thoughtful gift. It will give them a sense of their own history, culture, and ethnicity – while becomes a great follow-up conversation with them.
  • Movie or concert tickets – particularly if you know their taste. You can also opt for a general movie voucher that includes snacks. Movies never go out of style and there is plenty there for a range of different interests.
  • A VR experience – this is a bit of a cheat on the no-video game claim, but these are popping up everywhere and are a reasonable affordable gift. There are different scenarios and often don’t take a long time but the experience is novel.
  • Experience based tickets – a cooking class, interactive comedy show, haunted history walks, food tasting tours, or a wind tunnel experience. You will need to do some research on something they wanted to try or have been curious about but aren’t able to take that first step.  Make sure that whatever you choose is age appropriate and your within the height and weight limitations.
  • Naming a star after them – this I more of a novelty but you will get a certificate and some information on the random star that is chosen for you. It’ll give them a sense of place and belonging and more importantly a bigger picture reminder of our place in this world.

In the end it really depends on the child, but for those you are less acquainted with, most of the above provide a safe neutral gift idea that is unique and shows a little more thoughtfulness than what you would otherwise get from a gift card or video game.


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