Travel Apps that Saved My Life

Most regular travellers have their usual go to apps that they rely on with almost obsessive impulse.   They are all intended to make travel easier, less stressful and more organized.  Often times you get so entrenched in your regular apps you miss out on some of the new ones out there.  Here are my current go to travel apps that I simply cannot live without – all are free because I’m such a cheapskate!


Includes most cities, this app – much like MyTransit (below) looks at all modes of transportation and then chooses your best option.  It shows real-time data and is available on Android and iOS.

First Aid

A great reference and tons of tips related to first aid procedures, what to pack and what to avoid.  This is a go-to in times of crisis and will be indispensable even for minor bruises, especially in third world countries, to avoid infections.  Available in for Android or iOS.

Google Maps

Another perennial favourites, this is a must have.  The one map that every traveller needs. It gives you directions for various transport modes and also has the option to let you download the map for offline use.  It gives you reviews and information such as ticket prices and times a store is open with pictures.  Just download it now via Android or iOS.

Google Translate

This app is a perennial favourite and I certainly used it in Japan to get my palm read in Kyoto.  It has some great offline and real-time translation. You can even aim the camera at the text you need to be translated and your personal translator will do the job (realised I was eating processed sausage meat instead of beef in China). What did we ever do without this one! Get it from Android or iOS.


This is an exceptional Android app but only New York City, they are planning to expend to other big cities with complicated public transit systems.  This was a life saver for my trip in New York City and made all the difference in the world.


This app is another route app and can show you the way between any two points.  Easy to use and ready and a great options if you find some of the other routing apps bulky and complicated.  Give it a try on Android or iOS.


TripAdvisor is another travel app that can be used for booking hotels and looking up reviews.  But I use it to see what restaurants and attractions are around (with reviews and pix).  You can even buy some tickets through the app and get some impromptu tours if you like.   Available in Android or iOS.


Taxis are usually a common site, particularly in big cities.  But they can be pricey and the fare hikes make it prone to price gauging.  But where public transit is non-existent, unsafe, or impractical a good option would be the Uber/Lyft app and drivers. You can download the app in both Android and iOS.


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