Easy Cooking Ideas with Kids

You probably heard this somewhere, but part of getting your kids to appreciate food, and possibly try a few flavours that they wouldn’t otherwise, is to get them involved in the kitchen in prepping, especially the cooking part.  I usually like to involve my little guy not only for that – but as a welcome distraction from TV and the video games – whenever I can.  It can be tedious if you are planning to have some food ready at a specific time – but if you view this as a kid activity rather than an actual cooking session – you’re likely to end up with more patience.  Here are some quick – no-brainer things to cook with your little guys, no complicated experience required.

  • Anything sandwiches, if that includes some toasting or heating, let them place it in there and turn up the dial (you can just make sure that it’s safe to take out after it’s heated (whether it’s a piece of chicken or a burger).
  • Chicken wings – so easy, you buy the drumsticks or actual wings, have them put the sauce in a large container, then put the pieces of chicken in there and have them shake it like no tomorrow. Quick bake in the oven and ready to roll.
  • Pizzas – easy enough and forces them to customize with veggies (a nice trick to get them to actual try the veggies) – have fun with it and avoid the hassles, just get the right pre-made pizza doughs and pizza sauce can be slathered on easily or have your kids do that as well.
  • Pancakes or cake mixes from the package, they can add all the pre-portioned ingredients and eggs for you in a bowl and have them stir and whisk before you cook the batter for their sweet indulgences.
  • Have them help you skewer some kebabs with veggies and pre-cut meats. Make sure to use the bamboo sticks for older kids and plastic soft tipped ones (dollar stores should have them) for the younger crowd.  Avoid metal skewers as a safety precaution.  Assembly is 90%of the work, so why not include them too?!
  • Omelettes anyone?! Get them to put in the eggs and have a number of pre-cut veggies and cheese for them to add to the mix and let them stir before you do a quick fry-up for their breakfast, you’ll be surprised with the combos sometimes!
  • Let them help you with some of the fruit smoothies, they can cut bananas with their hands and put in the blender, add the berries, honey and/or milk; as well as any other powders or ice cubes for slushies. All you have to do is press a button to blend and have them wash their dirty little hands.  Wholesome and nutritious.
  • If you’re doing breaded fillets or chicken pieces (nuggets) let them help you dip the pieces in egg wash and then the breadcrumbs. This homemade technique for “chicken nuggets” is cheaper, healthier and more fun to make.

I’m sure there are tons more ideas to get them involved, feel free to share them and we can have a list for the whole year!  Perhaps more of the sweet recipes if you have any?


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