Travel the globe in NYC restaurants

One of my favourite trips was to New York City – and I have written plenty about it.  Part of the trip was the food that you can get there, I’m a bog foody and so having great food is half the trip.  We tried to savour and enjoy as many types of foods as we can without really sticking to one cuisine which made every day all that more exciting and great to look forward to. This might be a slight rehash of my blog of New York City, but if you’re not interested in the rest of it, here’s a summary of how we travelled the world with New York Restaurants in the winter of 2019!  All highly recommended, and make sure you reserve most if not all of them if you can.


Eately (the one in the Flat iron District) – definitely give the seafood pasta a ty, and the pizza will just make you salivate uncontrollable.  Setting is nice and you can get lots of fresh (albeit overpriced) ingredients for your next home meal.

Becco – Can’t say enough about this place the highlight of my trip and my 8 year old who hates restaurants.  It was cozy and the space is limited but that’s actually part of the charm.  Pasta taste testing menu is a definite must and it changes every day – all delicious.  Owned by none other than Lidia Bastianich and her son!


Ipanema – A perfect combination of amazing appetizers, delicious entrées, and exotic desserts.  You really can’t go wrong or help be wowed by the unique flavour combinations here.


Sen Sakana – all our senses were assaulted in a good way, the dish presentations, the flavours, the smells, everything was new and exotic.  A definite try off of Fifth Avenue after a long day of window shopping (things are expensive!) well worth the try.


Le Pain Quotidien (PQ) – the one we went to was next to Central Park near Columbus circle, but this chain is equally good everywhere.  Had and incredible shakshooka breakfast and the coffee was strong, just how I like it.  Perfect for breakfast, brunch or any time of the day really.

La Maison Du Chocolat – Chocolates, Chocolates and more high quality excellent chocolates.  Great for a quick coffee break or even more cocoa in your system through the delicious hot chocolate.

Laudree (SOHO) – incredible indulgence, best to go for afternoon tea or a late breakfast.  Posh, pastel colours, and prettiness all around.  You must take away a box of macaroons on your way out!


Red Peony – The portions were massive and the dumplings were great, go to the second floor where it less hectic and equally enjoyable.


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