Baby Strollers – A Thought

Baby trolleys or strollers – they are more than a wagon to carry your baby from A to B – oh let me count the way.  In fact I am considering carrying them around long after my baby grows up, they are simply so convenient that I honestly don’t know how I lived without them.  To have an on call cart that carries a million things, you can hang bags from and the all too important cup holder, why don’t people without babies use them as well.

I honestly don’t know how the laws of physics work with strollers.  I have hung tons of bags, filled the lower basket with heavy duty stuff and had a baby in there and it was still smooth sailing?!  Obviously not all strollers are built the same, but the odd time I would use my baby carrier to carry the baby and use the stroller itself as a cart.  The amount they carry without fail is just astonishing.

But let’ not forget what strollers are intended for….ehm….yes the baby.  Here are a few pointers when looking for strollers:

  • Get ones that grow with your baby, which have conversion seats as they grow into toddlers.
  • The narrower the better, sometimes we get wide eyed with the large over exaggerated wheels, but when you use them you’ll be banging left right and centre everything in your path.
  • So how they fold, not all of them fold completely and you’ll want as compact a stroller as you can get when folded.
  • The accessories are great bonuses, you’ll be surprised how much you use the cup holder (phone holder I have me reservations about, wouldn’t want phone waves that close o my baby’s head) – and make cure the canopy covers the baby at least to their arms.
  • A bottom basket is a must, you’ll need ti to put everything from extra diapers and wipes, to toys and finished bottles. Yes you’ll probably have a diaper bag but you’ll realize there is ever enough storage.
  • Get the extra metal hooks to hang shopping bags and any other bags onto the handle bar, make sure you distribute the weight otherwise your trolley and your baby will tilt over.
  • Strollers with detachable baby car seats are incredibly convenient, especially if they have the snap car base, and you’ll need the convenience in those cold rainy days or overly sunny hot days.
  • Remember good quality strollers maybe slightly more pricey but they have good resale value and make great hand me downs later on, which in fact saves you money. So think long term investment with strollers (unlike most other baby items).  Plus other than the car seat they do not have an expiration date.

What are some of the things that you think are important to look for in a stroller?


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