Don’t Go Break”fast” Their Heart

Every year this happens, whether on a birthday or a Father’s/Mother’s day and the kids want to make a breakfast for us.  Now they are great kids, but not knowing their way around the kitchen is partly our fault for not taking the time but also theirs for being extra clumsy around sharp objects.  So we finally decided to make a breakfast truly one they would do for us for their self confidence, and came up with the following list of things they can do (this works for those young tweens – those who are able to coherantly express love; right after the indifference of being a toddler, and just before the raging hate they will have being teenagers).

  1. The first step, and probably the most fun for them it to write out a menu, and decorate it – complete with a message, and contents of each breakfast item (preferably with a picture for each item)
  2. Have them draw out a plan of a tray and how they will place each item.
  3. Freshly squeezed orange juice is an easy one (cut up the halves the night before and take the hand juicer out – the bonus of this is it will tire them out for the rest of the day!  As an alternative they can make you a glass of milk, just make sure they are able to pour it well.
  4. Get ready made croissant and cut them in halves, in a container the night before.  Have them spread with a butter knife some cream cheese or jam in between the halves or on top of each one as a separate bite.
  5. Have them scoop out any yogurt into a small bowl and add some crunchy bites such as cereals or nuts.  If they are feeling extra ambitious give them the idea of drizzling some honey with a small teaspoon on top as well.
  6. Have them do anything they can in a toaster, either plain toast, pop tarts, frozen waffles, or even pancakes.  Have the setting ready, all they have to do is drop them in and press the tab.  Make the setting lukewarm so that in case they forget they don’t burn their little fingers.
  7. Cut some fruit and have it ready in a container and leave it up to them to worry about placing them.  Half apples, orange wedges, and even full bananas.  They can be set up the night before and all they have to do is figure out where on the tray to put each on.
  8. If you have any tea biscuits or cookies put them on the counter and have them decide how and where to put them.

The key is to have everything ready for them – or mostly ready – but without giving them the sense that you did it for them.  They will feel like they had the final say and that will give them a sense of accomplishment.  After all they are doing this to show that they want to do something for you.  So if you do everything for them, they won’t feel like they contributed anything at all.  These little tidbits can help in their goal of making a “full breakfast” for you.  Maybe this will be a sign of things to come as they get older and are ready to fry some eggs for you with a hot cup of coffee!  Start them young.


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