Why use a pacifier?

The ongoing debate of giving a child a pacifier vs. not continues to rage. I’ve read both articles advocating both sides of the argument, so back to square on really. Inevitably, nothing is black and white and for each decision you make there are consequences and depends on what you are willing to live with. Based on my experience having a pacifier helps a lot, especially when travelling but I can see the other side as well.

Giving a child a pacifier has been criticized for creating a habit unnecessarily. However, both my kids would gladly suck their thumbs, fingers, fists or feet instead. When the time comes, those appendages would be harder to control than throwing out a pacifier. So with that in mind, and knowing my kids will sick on anything to soothe, at least I can control the pacifier and likely to rid of it much easier than a body part.

As for the potential growing teeth argument, my point of view is that the baby teeth will be gone, new teeth will come and how the grown up teeth grow is minimally affected by the baby teeth. How the baby teeth grow are only partially affected by pacifiers. And as per my earlier note the kids will use something else to suck so the baby teeth aren’t necessarily free to grow as they please even without the pacifier.

I do concede having a pacifier, cleaning it and making sure it’s the right size is annoying. But if my kid cries I don’t revert to the pacifier automatically. I use it as a last resort and occasionally. So when the time comes, it’s up to each parent to decide, and how each kid embraces the pacifier depends on that kid. Just remember that if the pacifier isn’t there your child will find a way or alternative to soothe themselves which may not necessarily be any better.

Honestly, with all the other things were getting our kids addicted to, sugar, plastic, iPads and phones, this is probably the safest. What do you guys think- agree or disagree?


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