For the Love of CDs

When did this happen! When did CDs altogether disappear, and DVDs for that matter.  I guess it’s happened a while back now, but the other day I was actually looking for a physical album and was not able to find it anywhere.  In my feeble attempt to get that “album” I also realised record and music stores have become a rarity themselves.  It must have happened a while a go, but only now did I realize it when I was actually in the process of buying a new CD – something I probably haven’t done for over a decade.  Although I have been increasingly using MP3s, especially in my car – I continue to be the old relic that I am and burn up my fair share of music CDs (to also use in my car), why you ask?  Here is the case for CDs, for as long as I can hang on to them anyway:

  • I like having the element of surprise (especially if it’s a mixed CD) of putting one in and not knowing or forgetting what songs will be playing next.
  • CDs act like snap shots of certain times of my life (I date them correctly) so that I know in Oct of 2011 this is the music that I was really into.
  • MP3s are fleeting, they go just as easily as they come and as new music gets put into my player, I get rid of the old ones, probably never to hear them again for a long time to come, completely forgetting about the entirely.  When I listen to my CDs, these forgotten songs flow right back into my memories.
  • Having CD albums, I’ll get to hear songs that don’t make it in the radio, and therefore no one would ever think of downloading them as MP3s.  For example when I got my old Coldplay CDs, there were songs in there that never made it to radio – and they were some of my most favourite.  I would have never given them a trying chance if all I did was download MP3s of the trendy songs out there or based on the top 10s only (which typically disregard the other songs in an album).  In fact I don’t think artists are making any albums at this point and really just release a series of singles to see how well they work.

Is there anyone out there who agrees (or disagrees) – I can’t be the only one still holding on to my CD format.  I mean I’m also a nut for cassettes, but CD sound quality and track format makes it that much more easier to hang on to.  I’m not ready to turning them into coasters just yet!


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